rage, rage against the dying of the light

mads/orion | they/them | 22
white anishinaabe/metis in mississauga/hamilton/tkaronto
indigenous, activist, robot enthusiast, grain-fed free range idiot


here is some fun info about me

  • white + indigenous

  • algonquin/anishnaabe and metis, working on getting status

  • nonbinary lesbian

  • majoring in justice, political philosophy, and law (JPPL)

  • self-taught artist, have been drawing seriously for about 11 years

  • art programs: clip studio paint + procreate

  • stuff I might post about: destiny, transformers (mtmte/ll mostly), lord of the rings, friends at the table, mbmbam

  • i write a lot of stories, feel free to ask me about my ocs

Commission Info

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